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thank you for joining us. [captioning made possible by fox news channel] captioned by the national captioning institute martha: this is the "live desk." i am martha maccallum. trace: i am trace gallagher. this is where the news begins. if you swing over here, this is the foreign desk covering the globe. every single picture that comes into fox news channel comes in right here along the media desk. here on the "live desk" we begin with break-in news. martha: disturbing new information on what may have motivated a shooting spree at a pennsylvania health club. a man shot and killed a three women during the wounded nine others when he opened fire in an aerobics class in pennsylvania. >> a lot of people started running around. i took off my headphones and i kept hearing boom, boom, boom. i heard about 30 shots. i started ducking down. i got out as fast as i could. i helped carry out one girl who was shot in the thigh. she kept saying she was going to die. it is crazy stuff. i am in shock. martha: the shooter was keeping a block ofblog the detailed his hatred of women.
for an incredible skydiving jump from one of our nation's heroes. he is a retired sergeant first class with the u.s. army. he is also a double amputee. he was awarded a purple heart. he lost his legs when he was a member of the army's elite parachuting team. the most important part of this story is that none of that has stopped this veteran. he is taking to the skies once again. he is parachuting for a very good cause. molly henneberg joins us with more on this amazing story. the skies are so blue above you, molly. we cannot wait to see this event. >> i know. we are trying to find him in the sky. i can see him coming down right now. this is such a great event. a former army sergeant first class who lost his legs in a mid-air collision when he was parachuting now has to prosthetic legs and is parachuting to encourage wounded warriors. let me bring and this man from the spirit of liberty foundation. >> we believe that no one can say thank you enough. it is incredible. american used to say thank-you to all of these men and women who volunteer. >> really quickly, let me introduce you to the commander o
: that is all for us. jon: over to "the live desk." [captioning made possible by fox news channel] captioned by the national captioning institute martha: hello, everyone. trace: we are live, inside and all over the fox news room. behind me is the national desk. over here, this is the foreign desk. every picture that comes into fox news comes in through here. on "the live desk" brand new pictures will always be on the right-hand side of the screen. in the top box, breaking news from southern california. governor schwarzenegger declaring a state of emergency for four counties. the station fire has now doubled in size, to 85,000 acres, with more than 10,000 homes in its path. humidity is low and the worst case scenario is developing, hot gusting winds. in the middle box, new pictures inside the living hell that was casey lee dugard's backyard prison for years. now her captor is being investigated as a possible serial killer. there is word she was employed and interacting with the outside world. and we will soon get a major announcement from gov. pat to do all about ted kenned
] [speaking in spanish] >> i will just address the two questions that apply to the u.s. we have been very supportive of the maritime initiative, and we will continue to be. we have already seen resources transferred, equipment transferred, in order to help president calderon in much is a very courageous effort to deal with a drug cartel -- said of drug cartels that are not only resulting in extraordinary violence to the people of mexico, but are also undermining institutions like the police and judicial system. unless stopped, it will be damaging to the country. with respect to the conduct to this battle on the cartels, i have great confidence in president calderon's administration applying the law enforcement techniques that are necessary to curb the powers of the cartel, but doing so in a way that is consistent with human rights. we discussed this in our bilateral meetings, and i am confident that as the national police are trained, as the coordination between military and local police officials is improved, there is going to be increased transparency and accountability, and human right
for your family. trace: major garrett has the news for us from the white house. there seem to be some backpedaling going on here. >> when the white house began shifting its message from health care reform to health insurance reform, it appears this government-run component became a casualty. the president on saturday said, essentially, this was not mandatory in any final product. on sunday, kathleen sebelius, like every other cabinet member, is given points to talk about over the weekend, and she said the same thing. a public option is not an essential element of reform. the white house is saying nothing has changed and it remains a priority but legislatively, it is losing steam in the polls. there does not appear to be the votes in the senate or in the senate finance committee, which need to act by next september. interestingly enough today, howard dean said that there was no reason to go through the effort and expense of health care reform if you do not have a public option. his projection was that if this stalls, there will be in the public of rising to put it back in the package s
through people magazine. you see the names and faces all around us. just moments ago, we saw william kennedy smith. he came out. he is the son of jean kennedy smith, the last remaining of that generation of kennedy siblings. let's look at what he had to say moments ago. >> he had amazing energy. he had extraordinary focus on the little things and the big things. he was a bit -- he was able to connect people stories with the larger issues. over the years, he has touched so many people. martha: it is so fascinating when you look at william kennedy smith and you think back to that time, the rape allegations, the trial -- ted kennedy, this is one of the clearest examples of the kennedy family sticking together through thick and thin. that was an embarrassing time for senator kennedy. he testified in that trial. william kennedy smith was exonerated. the other thing that strikes me, when you talk to people on the line, the familiarity that people feel with the family. think of another politician you can think of that is referred to not only by his first name, but his nickname. everybody fe
as the town hall meetings continued through the u.s. chamber of commerce is putting out this advertisement. >> washington's latest health reform idea, or $1 trillion health plan and a government run public options with big tax increases. trace: world's largest business federation 29 some serious issues, the cost of the plan and a ballooning deficit. a senior manager of health-care policy of the u.s. chamber of commerce. we just watched robert gibbs at the press briefing. the president has said over and over that this will be deficit neutral, that this health care plan will help small businesses. the u.s. chamber of commerce does not buy that. why? >> there's a lot of disinformation given out by the white house. when they said this plan is paid for, that is not true. you can ask the congressional budget office. after the first 10 years, the deficit balloons. the white house also says people will not lose their coverage. that is not true. asked the congressional budget office. asked outside consultants. trace: the president maintains that date will -- they will cut savings from within. this
be retaliation for helping the u.s. in iraq and afghanistan. in the middle box, bill clinton in north korea to talk about the release of worley and tuna -- laura ling and euna lee. in the bottom box, the obama administration holding a texting summit to deal with the issue of driving while distracted. we have all of the info. martha: we sure do. but first, tax revenues. the ap reporting the biggest tax shortfall since the great depression. that means the country's piggyback is literally running out of cash. that is bad news for a president who is looking ahead to health care reform, stimulus, cash for clunkers, and other programs. james rosen has been getting the details for us. some on the numbers -- are they as bad as they look? >> in a word, yes. the associated press studied government tax receipts dating back to 1913, the first year there was a federal income tax, and found we are on current pace of this year to exceed the least amount of government revenue in taxes since 1932. take a look at some of the numbers. total tax receipts projected to be down 18% this year. individual income-ta
was in argentina visiting his mistress. he has also been under scrutiny for using state aircraft for personal trips. trace: from the foreign desk, breaking news that pakistan is raising attacks on the taliban. >> three weeks after a cia drawn kill the top leader of the taliban in pakistan, and his followers have finally confirmed his death. successors may start high- profile attacks. one of those successors said president obama was public enemy number one. martha: fox news can confirm that senator ted kennedy will be buried at arlington national cemetery near his other two brothers. there is a live shot this afternoon at arlington cemetery. the flags are flying at half staff. you will be buried next to his brothers, robert and john. he participated in their funerals and their eulogies. he died at the age of 77. it was a more than one yearlong struggle with brain cancer. in the beginning, many did not expect him to survive as long as he did. here are pictures of him coming out of the hospital after the initial diagnosis. he served 47 years in the senate. president obama says that he worked hard all
: in the top box, baghdad rocked with the biggest wave of bombings since u.s. troops withdrew from iraqi cities. our own baghdad bureau was damaged in one of the attacks. trace: in the middle box, hurricane bill turning into a monster, growing into a dangerous category four storm. it could get bigger. jamie: in bottom box, the death of a legend. we will take a look at the life of don hewitt. trace: breaking news on health care reform. polls show the majority of americans are not happy with health care reform. there are reports that democrats might use their majority to go it alone in pushing a bill through congress. the white house is balking at the airport. robert gibbs says absolutely not. he said the goal is a bipartisan bill. let's bring in bill sammon. he is in the dc news room. i looked at this poll that shows that 59% of americans do not want democrats to go it alone. there's some dispute over whether or not have the votes to do that. what if they do play hard ball and go it alone? >> i think the reason that robert gibbs is denying that is that very pull and others like it. remember how
money, and then building a new home. >> let us say you are responsible and you bought a car that had 19 mpg, and now you want to buy a car that gets 42 mpg. you get no subsidy. let us say you bought a car that gets 16 mpg, and you want to go up to 22 mpg, then you would get a subsidy. it makes no sense from any perspective, other than to bail out the auto companies. that is why some democrats say that this is a blatant subsidy. martha: it appears to be that. let me play this piece of sound this morning from a car dealer in new york. >> i have stopped doing the deal. i have $45,000 in jeopardy. i hope i get the money. i think i am going to get the money, but i have stuff doing those deals. when someone comes into my dealer, i tried to convert them to a conventional sale. in most cases, it works pretty well. martha: the dealer should needs to put out the money. he has his fingers crossed that he will get the money back. >> i spoke to one dealer and he said, if this is the way that the government will run the program, we are going to trust them with health care? talk about planning badly.
of the rare columnists that instead of remaining in his own office every week, he went out and used shoe leather in journalism, newspaper reporting skills, and got faxed to put in his column. he made a point of pride to never print a column that did not have at least one new previously unreported fact. he was a giant. he will be missed. trace: he was a contributor for us in recent years. you go back and you know he was raised jewish, converted to the ball as the sun. he was a conservative but a registered democrat. -- catholicism. he was a man of every flavor. >> he was always anti-communist, anti-taxation, but he wrote in his memoirs that these other issues he was forced to take hard positions on to the course of many decades on television shows. so he was perceived to be a right wing ideologue, but it was more complicated than that. you are right, he was a registered democrat. he was basically a curmudgeon. he did not like democrats or republicans, and he loved to stir up trouble. juliet: you say that he reveled in his nickname of "prince of darkness" but we would be remiss not to poin
across his face. i was corrected. that is going to do it for us. we will see you tomorrow. trace: exactly 1:00 in the east. jamiehe was convicted of murderg 270 people, most of them americans in the worst terrorist crime in the history of the united kingdom. now, the pan am 103 bomber is a free man. a scottish court released him on grounds of compassion because he has terminal cancer this is him boarding a plane a few hours ago in scotland. he could land in libya sometime during this newscast. he served eight years. exactly 3124 days in prison. that is 11 and a half days for each of his victims. the families of those victims who are outraged that he can now enjoy the compassion that their relatives never got. >> you have to live with the fact that he was blown out of the air. that never leaves you. that is what bothers me on this compassionate release process. where is the compassionate release for my brother or the families of these victims? we have it all convoluted and we are talking about an individual who massacred 270 people so he can have his family's around him? we did no
. this is where the news begins. behind us over here is the national desk. they cover america for fox news. in this one over here, this is the foreign desk covering the globe. every single picture that comes into fox news channel comes in right along here. it is the media desk. on "the live desk" those brand new pictures will always be in boxes. in the top box, breaking right now, police and the medical examiners say that she was high and drug out of her mind when she drove a minivan full of kids down the wrong side of a new york highway, colliding head-on with a suv. her husband says that she was sick, not drunk. he wants her body exhumed for a private autopsy. we will hear from him in moments. in the middle box, what could be a major break. are you kidding me? in the case of madeleine mccann. an all-out search is underway for a woman who looks very much like victoria bekham and may hold of key to finding her. chilling new video diaries of that man accused of the deadly shooting in a pittsburgh health club. what they reveal about the motive for the deadly rampage coming up. martha: if you
we invite you to go to to find out more information. jon: that does it for us. [captioning made possible by fox news channel] captioned by the national captioning institute martha: welcome to "the live desk." trace: we are inside and in the fox news room because this is where the news begins. behind me is the national desk. they are covering america. over here is the foreign desk. they are covering the globe. every picture that comes into fox news channel comes in through here, our media desk. on "the live desk" those pictures will always be on the right-hand side of the screen. in the top box, breaking news concerning the deficit. the cbo has come out with a brand new numbers, and they are much worse than projected. polls show that americans believe the number one board of the obama administration should be to reduce the deficit. what does this mean for health care then, cap and trade, and other administration policies? in the middle box, a story that broke here on "the live desk." an explosion at a northern california high school. now we kn
lady of new hampshire. your u.s. senator doing a great job, and ginnie sheen. [applause] the governor of the great state of maine, and we are glad he is here today. [applause] two of my favorite people, they are just taking congress by storm, paul hogues, cheryl kaye- porter. [applause] and we have your own mayor, tom farrini. [applause] now, i want to thank, more than anyone, laura, for the introduction. and for sharing her story for the rest that -- with the rest of us. thank you. her story is the same kind of story i have read in letters and heard in town hall meetings just like this one for the past five years. in fact, some of you were in thethose meetings. their stories of americans held hostage by health insurance companies who either drop their coverage or charge fees they cannot afford, for care that they desperately need. i believe is wrong. it is bankrupting families and businesses and that is why we are going to pass health insurance reform in 2009. [applause] now, this is obviously a tough time for families here in new hampshire and across america. six months ago, we were
room because this is where the news begins. behind us over here, this is the national desk. they are covering america for you. if you scan over here, this is the foreign desk. their job is to cover the globe. over here, every single picture that comes into fox news channel comes in right along here, the media desk. on "the live desk," those brand new pictures will always be on the boxes on the right-hand side of the screen. jamie: there are reason new details and the death of day for bikini model. she was stripped and stuffed in a suitcase. a reality tv star is taking detectives to canada. the horrifying ways that police say he tried to cover his tracks. trace: the commander-in-chief set to speak on afghanistan's presidential election. that is before he heads off to camp david. we will go live to the white house. jamie: there are some of lee numbers for the man in the oval office. new national polls are showing americans are losing confidence in president obama. it is thought to be a direct result of the health-care debate. trace: we begin with the president's pre-vacation
is following this for us. we understand some of this is already out, but much of the material was redacted. what do we expect to see this time around that will be more revealing? >> we are respecting well over 1000 documents to be released. including the inspector general's report, which is to be the most comprehensive look at the policy. the original version was heavily redacted but what we expect today is what has been described to me as "lightly reducted." -- redacted." just as significant, we are expecting documents which reveals the type of intelligence that was taken from the intervention programs. we believe these are the same documents that dick cheney requested be made public because he felt like if everyone saw these pieces of information, it would justify the program. martha: a lot of people feel like they should be released so that people can see exactly what was done, and what the benefits were. talk to me about your discussion with michael hagan, and the impact that this may have on the intelligence community and their ability to do their job. >> michael hayden wrote a strong
believe major garrett is with us from martha's vineyard as president obama gets ready to give an extremely important eulogy. he will be the first non kennedy brother to give a eulogy for one of the kennedy brothers. he is preparing for that as we speak. >> i just want to offer one comment on the pictures we're seeing right now. ted kennedy is the brother who lived. he was the brother who lived to write old age and had a long goodbye to his country and family. his brother did not prevent his brother was killed in action in world war ii. joynt all three of them frozen in time as young, vigorous kennedys. their family was shrouded in grief, as was the country. it is a sense of celebration of a lifelong lived. in the kennedy experience, that has become tragically rare. it strikes me looking at those pictures that they do not see them shrouded in the kind of guilt that we are so familiar with. that is something that is striking the right now. the president is enjoying his vacation as best he can. he's here -- he has begun drafting the eulogy that he will deliver on saturday it is something that
rick: we are live right here in the fox news room because this is where the news begins. behind us, the national desk. they are covering this story is breaking all over the country. the foreign desk is covering stories from all over the world. every single picture that comes into fox news comes in right here. that is the media desk. we put it on the air. >> we are going to start with health care debate. president obama on a campaign style push to sell the reform effort to the american people. yesterday, major garrett addressed the issue of unsolicited email during the press briefing. that is when things got a little nasty. >> i have received e-mail from people who did not in any way shape or form seek any communication from the white house who have never registered. let me finish my question. >> let's be clear. i want to give you a chance to finish your question. you have done this a couple of times and i just want to be very clear. ofa has nothing to do with -- never has had anything to do with -- if you sign up for through to receive e-mail. i wanted to raise your
you tell us about the push for shorter patents? >> is a big debate within the whole health care issue that deals not with the kinds of drugs that are derived chemically, but biologics. these are new way of drugs derived by living plant or animal sales. they're cutting edge pharmaceuticals. they're extremely expensive. some therapies run up to $25,000 a year. what do the drug manufacturers want? they want something called data exclusivity. the data link to the creation of that biologic can be there for a least 12 years. the obama administration wanted exclusivity rights for only seven years. right now, the democratically controlled congress has backed the pharmaceutical industry. that fight continues. trace: maj garett live for us on the north lawn, thank you. julie: president obama holding a town hall in new hampshire. here is how it kicked off. >> thank you. i love you back. it is great to be back in portsmouth. it is great to be back. it is great to be back in new hampshire. i have to say that most of my memories of the state are cold, so it is good to be here in august. julie: soun
Search Results 0 to 20 of about 21